Our Quality Commitment

Vaccines are one of our most powerful defences against the spread of diseases and their devastating consequences. Every day at Seqirus, we work to protect people and communities from seasonal influenza and global pandemic threats. 

Seqirus is committed to the development, production and marketing of safe and efficacious healthcare products that prevent diseases and enhance quality of life. We achieve this by ensuring our products, processes and services meet the needs of our patients and are in compliance with all relevant specifications and regulations. 

Quality is everybody’s responsibility

Our Quality System is supported, developed and maintained by our people, partners and suppliers.

Production in Australia
Focus and Accountability

Through management focus and a motivated environment of accountability, we strive to continually improve the performance of our Quality System to deliver efficient, sustainable compliance and results.

Aligned with our Values

Our commitment to Quality is aligned to our core values of superior performance, integrity, innovation, collaboration and customer focus.

UK/FLU/0519/0080 August 2019


Our broad range of influenza vaccines meet the needs of different populations around the world.

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Global Manufacturing Network

Seqirus is one of the world’s largest influenza vaccine manufacturers with innovative technologies and differentiated products.

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We focus on optimising our innovative technologies whilst also working on longer-term transformational approaches to influenza protection.

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