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We are a global force in the fight against influenza, on the front line of protection since 1918.

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A new partnership in Papua New Guinea aims to improve access to antivenoms.

We're committed to the fight against influenza

At Seqirus, we are driven by just one goal - to lessen the severity and impact of influenza, which can reach epidemic or even pandemic proportions with life-threatening consequences. Every year our influenza vaccines help protect millions of people. We find solutions to big, complex, challenging problems, and we see the results in the world around us. Then we do it all over again the following year.

Seqirus is one of the world’s largest influenza vaccine companies. We were created when our parent company, CSL Limited, acquired the Novartis influenza vaccine business and combined it with vaccine subsidiary, bioCSL.

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We are one of the world’s largest influenza vaccine companies with a unique singular focus on influenza.

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Our broad range of influenza vaccines help safeguard people and communities all around the globe.

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