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In July 2015, bioCSL and the influenza vaccines of Novartis joined forces to create Seqirus, now the second largest influenza vaccine company in the world.

With extensive research and production expertise and manufacturing plants in the US, UK, Germany and Australia, Seqirus is a transcontinental partner in pandemic preparedness and a major contributor to the prevention and control of influenza globally.

Our long-established parent, CSL Limited, has a rich heritage in influenza dating back to the Spanish flu pandemic. Our manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia, has been producing flu vaccine for nearly five decades.

Now it’s joined by Seqirus Liverpool in the UK, a Centre of Excellence for egg-based influenza vaccine manufacturing. It is one of the biggest biotechnology sites in Europe and the only injectable influenza vaccine manufacturer in the UK. It also produces the only licensed adjuvanted seasonal influenza vaccine.

In addition, Seqirus has a state-of-the-art vaccine producing facility at our Holly Springs site in the US. The use of a novel cell culture-based process is a alternative to traditional egg-based influenza vaccine production, and gives Seqirus vital additional capacity, particularly in the event of a pandemic.

The combined influenza vaccine business of Novartis and bioCSL give Seqirus a workforce of over 2,000 employees, significant manufacturing capacity, a commercial presence in twenty countries and product and geographic diversity.

With cutting-edge facilities, technologies and technical expertise, Seqirus will be a reliable supplier of seasonal influenza vaccine with the ability to rapidly respond to pandemic threats.

In Australia Seqirus also continues a long legacy of manufacture of Products of National Significance and markets and distributes a range of vaccines and specialty pharmaceuticals in both Australia and New Zealand.

Seqirus has established a corporate office in Maidenhead, United Kingdom.

EFPIA Disclosure Code

Seqirus as part of the CSL Group, is committed to helping our patient communities and advancing knowledge in our therapy areas. Seqirus confirms the application of the principles of the EFPIA Disclosure Code for the reporting of Transfers of Value to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations. The European reports are published on this page once disclosed in each country.